Introduction to RapidCanvas

RapidCanvas Platform

RapidCanvas(RC) is a multidisciplinary and multi-persona data science platform offers industry leading tools to build machine learning models and support machine learning needs. RapidCanvas can be used by expert data scientists, citizen data scientists, data engineers, business users, and subject matter experts with varying levels of expertise in data science and programming. As a platform, RC enables real-time collaboration, rapid prototyping and gives the organizations best time-to-value.

Interact with RapidCanvas

You can interact with RC through 2 interfaces:

For users who prefer to develop data science projects without coding, RapidCanvas has a rich web interface that offers an easy-to-use canvas to build end-to-end machine learning pipeline. The pipeline has a series of steps, where each step has a process to execute, such as data upload, preprocessing, model training and testing, and deployment. Executing all these steps together will build effective and accurate models.

For users who prefer to code and develop data science projects, RapidCanvas has a notebook interface. There are two ways of using the notebook interface: first, setup our SDK on your local machine; and second, use hosted notebooks accessible via the web interface.

At any time, projects developed using notebook interface can also be accessed via web interface, but not vice-versa.

Web Interface

RC web interface can be accessed from your browser at Contact RC administrator for your access credentials.

To learn more about RC UI, refer to this section:

  • UI User Guide

Notebook Interface

To interact with RC through the notebook interface, either install the RC SDK or use hosted notebooks.

To learn more about the installation of our SDK and working through the notebook interface, refer to this section:

The next sections help you understand the basic concepts of RapidCanvas.