Hosted notebooks allow RC users to use server hosted jupyter notebooks. Hosted notebooks come pre-installed with necessary packages and sample projects


Hosted notebooks can be launched directly from RC UI through the “Launch Notebook” button


Connect to git

With hosted notebooks, you have the ability to connect to your remote github repository. You can colloborate with your team by handling all change management through git.

Here is how you can connect to your repository

Clone your repo


Repo url from Github


Enter Repo URL


Enter Git Credentials

Git does not support passwords anymore. You will need to use access tokens generated from Git.


Generate Access token


More detailed instructions on how to connect to Git can be found in this guide

Virtual Environment

With hosted notebook, you have the ability to create virtual environments with custom packages installed

Create new virtual environment

On the hosted notebook, open a new terminal and execute the following. You can replace myenv with the name of the environment you want to create

conda create -n myenv

To install custom packages, you can do the following.

conda create -n myenv packagename1 packagename2

Once a virtual environment is created, it will be accessible under your kernels list and will persist even when the server restarts.

Additional details on managing your custom environment can be found in this cheatsheet