Publish a solution

import sys

from utils.rc.client.requests import Requests
from utils.rc.client.auth import AuthClient

from utils.rc.dtos.solution import Solution

import logging
from utils.utils.log_util import LogUtil
LogUtil.set_basic_config(format='%(levelname)s:%(message)s', level=logging.INFO)
AuthClient.setToken(token="")  #you can find your token in RapidCanvas UI under tools/token

List of existing solutions

You can look at the list of available RapidCanvas solutions here:

solutions = Solution.get_all()

Publishing a new solution

An end to end project can be convered and published as a solution. Solutions can be used to create new projects.

solutions = Solution.create(name="Sample Employee Solution",, description="Sample Solution built on Employee Project", tags=["Sample", "New Users"], isGlobal=False, icon="icon_url")

#Solutions are published locally to your tenant and are accessible by other users in your tenant