This transform calculates the variance of all columns in a dataset.

tags: [“EDA”]


The table gives a brief description about each parameter in Variance transform.


By default, the transform name is populated. You can also add a custom name for the transform.

Input Dataset:

The file name of the input dataset on which variance transform must be applied. You can select the dataset that was uploaded from the drop-down list. (Required: True, Multiple: False)

Output Dataset:

The file name with which the output dataset is created. This file contains the variance of all columns in the dataset. (Required: True, Multiple: False)

The sample input for this transform looks as shown in the screenshot:


The output or result after adding the Variance transform looks as below:


How to use it in Notebook

The following is the code snippet you must use in the Jupyter Notebook editor to run the Variance transform:


recipe_Varariance= project.addRecipe([car_data, employee_data, temperature_data, only_numeric], name='Varariance')

transform.templateId ='Varariance'
transform.variables = {